Predicting someone’s behavior has become essential for political strategist and politicians. It seems if you do not have a file on each person and how to reach them then you are incompetent.  This file usually contains past voting history and lifestyle choices, also known as Life Targeting.  Sosnik, Dowd, and Fournier said, “Failing to take advantage of lifestyle data available . . . borders on political malpractice (p. 38).

With this lifestyle data political strategist can pretty much predict your vote. If you are like me, you might feel like you are losing your privacy. Well, the data mining is not over.  Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) submitted this provision that, “essentially would have required that various bits of credit card information and transaction activity be reported to the government so that they could use it to generate information.” Of course, this technology is already in use. It just seems that putting it in a provision as a legal action is giving too much power to the government.

So, the question is: At what point do Americans ask for their credit card information to remain private and confidential.

I know I would like it to remain confidential. It is not because I am paranoid. I would just like to hear politicians speak authentically about their dreams and plans they have for America. I would like to see a leader. Instead, I fear that this micro-targeting will just empower poor leaders that just happen to have good political strategists.